👋 Hi there

My name is Engin Polat, I'm based in Turkey, beautiful city Istanbul.

I'm a versatile Software Engineer with over 20 years of comprehensive experience, focused on working with challenging projects and learning while working.

I have worked as a Software Developer, Software Architect and Technical Lead in many projects. I have been actively involved in all parts of software development phases such as, design, development, testing, deployment, and troubleshooting.

I am passionate about to build well-defined, clean, scalable, concurrent, and sustainable structures, learn new technologies.

Also, I feel super lucky about my career 😀

I worked for one of the biggest Home Goods companies in Turkey (Arcelik)

After Arcelik, I worked for one of the biggest Media companies in Turkey (Dogus Media)

After Dogus Media, I worked for one of the biggest software companies in Turkey (BilgeAdam)

After BilgeAdam, I joined in _THE_ biggest Software Company in the world (Microsoft) 🥳

Recently, I focused on DevOps and GitOps practices. Over the past 3 years, I've been part of a lot of projects all around the world.

I have huge hands on experience with Azure, Azure DevOps, GitHub, Docker, Terrafom, Helm and Kubernetes.

In my spare time, I'm practicing Golang and new programming paradigms.