Welcome to DevOps Tips and Tricks, this site is a collection of tips and tricks that "try to" cover the most loved DevOps platforms, a.k.a. Azure DevOps and GitHub 😊.

The tips, comparisons, benchmarks and posts you'll find here are based on real-world scenarios that I've encountered (along with the community) while using Azure DevOps and GitHub .

- Engin Polat

Recent Posts

  1. Deploying Azure Log Analytics Solution Using Terraform

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [April 16, 2022]~ 6 mins read

    Unfortunately, list of Azure Log Analytics Solutions is not available in the Terraform provider documentation 😟

    Official Terraform Resource Provider page for Azure Log Analytics Solution displays only ContainerInsights example

    If there is already an Azure Subscription, that has Azure Log Analytics Solutions installed, and it's needed to create a Terraform Module out of it, then the Azure CLI command has to be run and the Terraform Module has to be created manually.

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  2. What makes a good developer?

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [August 24, 2021]~ 16 mins read

    The world is moving towards a more technical future and in order to keep up with the trend, more and more people are looking to learn how to code. Coding, engineering, design and development are some of the most in demand skills in the job market today and learning how to code can help you become more employable in the real world.

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  3. How to disable Message of the Day prompt?

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [August 17, 2021]~ 8 mins read

    The abbreviation "motd" stands for "message of the day", and this file has been traditionally used for exactly that (it requires much less disk space than mail to all users).

    The contents of /run/motd are displayed by login after a successful login but just before it executes the login shell.

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  4. How to find and delete files by extension

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [August 10, 2021]~ 9 mins read

    Creating, modifying and deleting files are everyday tasks performed in any operating system mostly used by System Administrators.

    Linux operating system provides users an easy way to delete files and directories.

    System Administrator (sysadmins), often need to clean things up to keep the system clean. This cleaning process may take quite a while, including finding and deleting files recursively in a folder structure.

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  5. Good practices for creating Pull Requests

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [August 03, 2021]~ 18 mins read

    Before Git, the open source community used mailing lists for collaboration. Because of this, people had to write very long emails in order to justify their work. This caused a lot of friction because people had to spend a lot of time to write long emails and wait for a response from someone else.

    With Git, your changes are local and you can push changes as soon as they are ready. This leads to more efficient and focused discussions.

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  6. Create, Host and Share Docker Images with GitHub Packages

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [March 30, 2021]~ 11 mins read

    After the rise of cloud, and rise of microservices approaches, modular, plug-and-play and containerized applications are getting more attention.

    So, literally hundreds of thousands software engineers are working on projects that built with multiple containerized pieces, all around the world.

    If you're using GitHub and wanted a place to store and serve Docker Images for your project, you can easily go and use GitHub Packages, it's free and super easy to use 🥳

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  7. How to troubleshoot AKS (Kubernetes) pods

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [March 23, 2021]~ 11 mins read

    Guidelines' are always help people to ensure if they made necessary checks before going deep dive.

    If your team faces the same issue more than several times, it's good to keep it recorded. So, next time, your response time will be significantly shorter. That leads happy customers 🥳

    In this post you can find a guideline to determine the underlying issue when there is an issue with a pod.

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  8. How to remove file from git history

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [March 09, 2021]~ 6 mins read

    When we commit a file to a git system (such as, Azure DevOps or GitHub) it shows up in the folder structure of the repo.

    And also, there is a record created in the underlying history structure.

    We can delete the file that needs to be confidential, after we accidentally commit it.

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  9. Scenario : DevOps for Unity3D game projects

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [March 02, 2021]~ 20 mins read

    Game projects usually consist of a combination of more than one piece. Such as, game itself, a backend, a messaging platform, notification system, etc.

    In this scenario, we'll create a game project with a .Net 5.0 backend and a Unity3D game project.

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  10. Software Testing Types

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [February 22, 2021]~ 4 mins read

    There are different types of tests that we can use and implement in the CI/CD pipelines to make sure that changes to our code are working as expected.

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  11. Azure DevOps - State Transition Restriction Rules

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [February 15, 2021]~ 6 mins read

    Since the release of Sprint #172, on Azure DevOps, it's possible to create rules to restrict state transition of Work Items on Azure DevOps Boards.

    With this new feature, it's possible to restrict work items from being moved from one state to another directly. For example, you can restrict Bugs transitioning from New to Resolved directly, instead, they must go from New to Active, then they can go to Resolved.

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  12. Azure CLI DevOps Extension

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [February 08, 2021]~ 2 mins read

    Azure Command Line Interface (Azure CLI) is a set of commands to manage resources on Azure platform. The Azure CLI is available across Azure services and is designed to get you working quickly with Azure, with an emphasis on automation.

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  13. What is DevOps!

    byEngin PolatEngin Polat@ [February 01, 2021]~ 2 mins read

    Donovan Brown from Microsoft described 'What is DevOps!'. DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.

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